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Ciku Muiruri: Esther Arunga is not the victim

Former radio queen Ciku Muiruri has blasted Kenyans online for sympathising with former KTN new anchor Esther Arunga who is set to be sentenced this week in Australia over the death of her three-year-old son in 2014.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Muiruri said Arunga was not the victim in the story. Some Kenyans including classmates of the former TV anchor have penned posts sympathising with Ms Arunga.

But Muiruri, who was once famous for her busted show on Classic 105, reasons that Quincy Timberlake (Arunga’s husband) could not have been the one who brainwashed the former anchor as it is believed.

“The posts also talk about Quincy Timberlake (Her husband who was charged with the murder of their 3 year old son) and how he had a brain the size of a peanut. Apparently he did an IQ test and was found to have the same intelligence as that of a mouse (No actual specifics were given as to when this alleged IQ testing took place),” writes Ms Muiruri, without offering any evidence.

Arunga masterminded the story, she adds, making her cousin Hellon and Quincy believe that she could change their lives.


“I put it to you that Esther, the so hyped ‘intelligent and beautiful’ girl, is the one who did all the brainwashing. She convinced grown a** men she could make them Presidents. She convinced them they could take over the world. She was so delusional that maybe she thought demons were thwarting their chances and commanded the cockroach sized brain to punch their son to death,” claimed Ms Muiruri.

She adds: “Esther Arunga ALWAYS held all the cards. You think she lied to protect Quincy? I don’t buy it. He lied to protect her. Remember how for so many years we believed Whitney Houston was an angel destroyed by Bobby Brown until her brother confessed to having introduced Whitney to drugs long before she ever met Bobby.”

Ms Arunga on Monday told an Australian court that she lied to police about the circumstances that led to her three-year-old son’s death on June 18, 2014.

She did it to protect her husband Quincy Timberlake. She also pleaded guilty to being an accessory to the murder and faces up to 25 years in jail.

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