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Ciku offers men a shoulder -for Sh5,000

Kenyan media personality Ciku Muiruri on Friday caused a stir on social media after she offered to lend an ear to depressed men at a fee.

Ciku, who is also an author, said that, unlike women who share their tribulations with each other, men suffer alone leading to depression and in some cases, suicide.

“I’m starting hour-long calls with men who need to unload about their lives, relationships, fears, whatever is weighing you down. What you cannot tell anyone else. I’ll give a listening ear and the best advice I can. All content is confidential. Each hour-long session is 5k and will be conducted on phone for social distancing purposes. DM if you are interested. Not judgment here. Just a listening ear,” she wrote.

While justifying her reasons to charge depressed men, Ciku raised several questions about why men need to pay her to listen to them.

“Men have it rough. When us girls have problems, we talk to each other. We have ice cream, drink some wine, and figure it out with our support systems. With guys it’s different. Who do you talk to when your wife is cheating on you? Who do (you) share with when you have no money? Not your friends. They are there for sports and deals. You will never let them see you cry. Who do you talk to if you feel broken? If you need restoration? We all need to unburden,” states Muiruri.

She said she will offer her services over the phone due to the Covid-19 threat with each session lasting for an hour.

But it is her charges that caught the attention of Kenyans on social media.

“If your issues require a mental health expert, DM for recommendations for a professional, I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction,” Ciku adds in her lengthy Facebook post.

Her post has since attracted thousands of likes and comments and shares on Facebook.

She also trended on Twitter.