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Ciru Muriuki opens up on the romantic side of late fiance, Charles Ouda

Ciru Muriuki, the fiancée of the late actor Charles ‘Charli’ Ouda, has reflected on their precious moments together, recalling their love story and the profound impact Charli had on her life.

Addressing a sombre gathering at the Baraza Media Lab at the memorial vigil on February 14, Ciru began her speech by acknowledging Charli’s presence in spirit and expressed her hope to honour him with her words.

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Actor Charles 'Charli' Ouda.
Actor Charles ‘Charli’ Ouda. PHOTO| COURTESY

Ciru painted a vivid picture of their routine evenings, where they would enjoy homemade sandwiches and cocktails, followed by their shared guilty pleasure of watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“I hope I make you proud. We would probably be at either his house or mine and he would make one of his elite sandwiches. Then he would make me an incredible cocktail to marinate me and then I would probably force him to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Ciru narrated.

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“I am standing here honouring him, but it still does not sound real. He was a true artist and he appreciated every form of art,” she said.

Reflecting on Charli’s influence, Ciru spoke passionately about his ability to instil in her a deeper appreciation for the arts.

She described him as a visionary who approached life with childlike wonder and fostered an environment of learning and exploration.

“He was not a snob and he looked at us with childlike wonder, an opportunity to learn. He gave me a deeper appreciation of the arts,” Ciru explained.

Charles Ouda.
Popular actor Charles Ouda. Photo| Courtesy

“Watching every film became an educational point for me as he would point out all the storylines, the quality of the writing and every aspect.

He was a visionary and the way he saw the world was beautiful to watch,” she said.

Their love story, she recalls, began over two decades ago when she first saw him during his time at St Mary’s School.

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Little did she know then that their paths would converge years later.

“The first time I saw Charlie on stage was several years ago when he was still at St Marys. I thought he was so handsome, with that smile.

If anyone had told me that more than 20 years later he would ask me to marry him, I would have laughed. This love story took me by surprise.

On Charli’s return from New York, the two met again and forged a friendship that blossomed into a deep love.

“I had just lost my father the year before and was trying to find my way. He and I started a friendship that later had some benefits. But after a while it became clear that there was something between us that was completely undeniable,” she explained.

Charles Ouda at the Salem wrap party
Popular actor, director, scriptwriter, and events manager, Charles Ouda with the cast and crew of the TV show Salem during the wrap party on February 3, 2024. Photo| Courtesy

With tears in her eyes, Ciru recounted the unforgettable night when Charli proposed to her.

“I am almost 42 years old and I have never been loved like that. The night he asked me to marry him, we were at his house and I was wearing torn leggings and his t-shirt and he got down on one knee and I cried and to this day, those are the most beautiful nights of my life,” Ciru said fighting tears.

In a heartfelt tribute to her beloved Charli, Ciru thanked him for his kindness and described him as the epitome of a true gentleman.

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With trembling words and tear-stained cheeks, she bid farewell to her beloved, vowing to cherish her memories until they were reunited.

“And now, my love, I speak to you, thank you for showing me what true love is, thank you for being the perfect example of a gentleman and a real man, thank you for being the kindest man I have ever known.

Thank you for looking after me. It is the privilege of my life to have loved and been loved by you. Charlie, I will miss you until I join you,” Ciru concluded her tribute.