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Citizen TV anchor warns of Facebook impostor

Citizen Television anchor Hussein Mohammed has warned against an impostor who is running a Facebook page in his name and posting pornographic content.

The news anchor and reporter is the latest victim of online impostors who prey on media personalities to create pseudo social media accounts.

Through his official account, the TV anchor stated: “This is again to remind all that the Facebook account: ‘Hussein Mohamed-Citizen Tv’ does not belong to me. This is an impersonator trying to tarnish my name by posting nasty stuff.”

Some of the visitors in the fake page have outed the impostor and posted on the wall to warn people from liking the page.

Other media personalities who have fallen victims to impostors include NTV’s Victoria Rubadiri and Yvonne Maingey in whose names fake Facebook pages have been created.

There have been instances of impostors conning the public large sums of money by claiming to be able to issue  favors likes media jobs and internships.