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Citizen TV reporters start blog on motherhood

Motherhood is indeed a journey. Citizen TV’s Evelyn Wambui, Anne Mawathe and Judy Kosgei chose to share their journey with millions through a blog.

The blog named ‘The motherhood marathon’ was started by the three in January 2015 and has so far had three posts by each reporter on different topics.

While announcing the blog’s latest post, Evelyn Wambui through her twitter account on Thursday urged their fans to read their experiences.


It is a blog that tells the discoveries of new mother’s through Evelyn who recently became a mother.

Hers being the first post on the blog dated January 17, 2015, she set the pace on what new mother’s often go through and wonder why no one ever prepared them for such experiences.

The second time mother’s experiences are also well captured by Anne who’s first born is now 7yrs and recently gave birth to her second born.

In her post, she recounts that though a second time mother, the journey is as if you have never been on that road.

The three are yet to disclose the motivation and the agenda but it’s a sure way to share the precious moments with others and of course keep their journalistic skills alive throughout their maternity leave.