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Citizen TV’s Mike Okinyi in trouble for ‘blackmailing’ Harambee Stars coach

By Amina Wako August 6th, 2019 2 min read

Citizen TV sports journalist Mike Okinyi has been bashed by Kenyans on Twitter for threatening to release a dossier of Harambee Stars coach Sebastian Migne, if the Frenchman does not resign.

“I’m waiting to hear Migne has resigned… if not iko dossier natoa. Moto sana,” Okinyi tweeted after Kenya was bundled out of the 2020 Africa Nations Championship (Chan) qualifiers by neighbours Tanzania.

Kenya lost 4-1 on post-match penalties in a match that ended scoreless on Sunday at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani.

Immediately after the game, coach Migne, while addressing journalists, dared Football Kenya Federation (FKF) to sack him.

This, it seems, is what prompted Okinyi to post the tweet with a threat to expose Migne through a dossier.


Online, some Kenyans thought the journalist was blackmailing the coach.

“Kusoma sports dakika tano kwa TV does not qualify you to a stakeholder on sports matter. Neither are you an expert. Let the coach do his thing, you do yours. Take your dossier to relevant offices ama uzi some Leo usiku kwa news,” tweeted @kagwainy

“Journalists don’t threaten to release dossiers… They release them… Unless you want to use your ‘dossier’ to blackmail someone for kickbacks,” commented @RobinMbondo

“This is blackmail… toa kama unatoa regardless otherwise you are complicit,” @KichwaBilaMwili posted.

“You are the journalist, if that dossier is useful and will help things get better, release it and do not blackmail you don’t even have to mention that you got it, if it’s not going to help please keep storing it,” @pndinya said.

“This guy is a journalist yet he uses blackmail instead of feeding the public information,” commented @Mukethah.


“Kenyan journalists for you. This is why corruption is thriving. If you can’t release, don’t mention,” said @ondeng2013

“Anyway, why should you wait till things get out control, ndio utoa dossier, stick to your work ethics, n if i may ask why now?, @Joshua90514296 commented.

“You the kind of people who make our love and passion for Harambe Stars to dime off… Nkt… always bringing the negativity. Just when we thought we heading somewhere then boom @MikeOkinyi what’s to be famous,” @don_muraya posted.

“You were the same people who were screaming for Okumbi’ axed. Now its Migne. He is there to improve the squad. Football is different from politics my friends,” posted @garang_lalik

“That’s blackmail. So the truth will never come out if you have him resign. What happened to the journalist in you?” posed @Gerry_Bobb.