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City aspirant says Jubilee card will lead to rigged poll

Nairobi Woman Rep aspirant on Jubilee ticket Wangui Ng’ang’a has said the membership cards that the party wants used in the nomination will not ensure a fair election.

Ms Wangui said the cards are not available to all who want to vote. She also said that the system is not dependable since, in most instances, it is not showing registration details on the phone as should be the case.

“What happens to candidates who don’t have a lot of money to buy the cards? Isn’t this a form of rigging where those who have more money get an upper hand?” she asked.

She said moneyed candidates bought the cards in their thousands and gave them to their supporters, disadvantaging those who do not have deep pockets.

“The cards would have been a good idea if first, they were working properly and secondly if they were available to everyone without cost discrimination. The party should allow all party members to vote so that Nairobi people get the candidate of their choice and not the one dictated by how moneyed a candidate is,” she explained.

Ms Wangui dismissed those calling for consensus in Nairobi Jubilee seats.

The position of woman representative is too important to be decided on by a few people in a boardroom, she said.

“The people of Nairobi deserve leaders of their choice. The party is established for the people and the people’s right to determine their representatives must be respected. Nairobians should have the last word on who is going to be their senator and woman rep”.

She added: “I have gone to the people of Nairobi and I know they will vote for me on nominations day. I’m not afraid to face my opponents on the ballot box and they too should not be afraid to let the people decide. Whoever wins, and I believe I will, is going to be the people’s choice and, therefore, their representative.”