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City baker teaches disrespectful client lesson on ‘baking cakes’

A Nairobi based baker has narrated how she taught a client a lesson to respect people’s creative works by delivering cake ingredients as opposed to a fully baked and decorated cake.

Hashnunish Sultan took to her Facebook account to narrate her ordeal with the client who took a month to confirm her order and on being given a quotation called the baker ‘a con.’

Ms Sultan wrote that she had already given the client a price range at the start of their negotiations and the client said she was only concerned with getting the best cake and had no issues with the price.

After weeks of consultations on cake designs the client asked for the quotation and on being told it was Sh18, 000 she went berserk calling the baker a con for charging an arm and a leg for what she termed as flour, eggs and sugar mixture.

The client said she had a budget of Sh3, 000 and accused the baker of wasting her time and insisted that she wanted her choice of cake with that amount failure to which she would report the baker to the authorities.


Ms Sultan narrated how she kept her cool during the final negotiations and tried to explain to the client that she was charging for the creativity as well and when the client became adamant she (baker) told her that she would deliver the ‘cake’ in two days.

The baker then neatly packed a kilogram of sugar, two kilograms of all-purpose flour and three eggs in a delivery box and took them to the whining client herself on the scheduled delivery day.

Here is the conversation between the baker and client in her own words;

Client: “Kwani your cakes are made of gold? It’s just flour, sugar and eggs. And if you talk about creativity and using your imagination, then that’s free. You didn’t pay for your brain for you to charge us! ”

Me: Munching on my chilli peanuts listening keenly

Client: you are conning people and I will put you on buyers beware for charging an arm and a leg for unga and eggs.

Me: munch munch munch (runs to get ice cold coke)

Client: I demand to get the cake I chose at 3k coz you have wasted my whole month and the birthday is this weekend, and it’s too late to go to another baker. If you don’t give me what I have asked for I will not only put you on buyers beware but I will also call the cops on you.

Me: Ok you will have your cake on time delivered by myself

* read in sponge bob narrators voice *


I went to deliver her cake.

Client: oooh let me see, let me see

Me: Opens the box

Client: Sees the items below in pic inside the cake box… what the hell is this? Is this a joke?

Me: Nope. It’s your cake. When cutting it, close your eyes and use your “free creativity and imagination” to picture the design. Handed her back her 3k deposit and walked back into the car and drove off. Never heard from her again.

Dear clients, we do our best to make your occasions special. Please stop making our lives miserable!