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City bakery takes responsibility for postdated Nakumatt bread

Ennsvalley Bakery Limited has owned up to a postdated loaf of bread that was bought by a customer at a Nakumatt supermarket outlet which ignited public outrage online.

The multi-grain loaf of broad was bought by a consumer on Sunday (September 18), but its label indicated that it was packed on Monday (September 19) and would expire on Thursday (September 20).

The bakery, which is a sub-tenant in the supermarket’s outlets, issued a clarification on Monday acknowledging that the bread was baked on Sunday at 8:30am, but the packaging date was erroneously indicated as Monday.

According to Ennsvalley Bakery, “The labelling machine was set on auto mode and this contained a programming error. This was detected after the sale of 12 loaves of bread.”

The bakery apologized for the error and assured customers that all its breads sold in Nakumatt outlets are freshly baked.

The Consumers Federation of Kenya had on Monday started a Twitter trend shaming Nakumatt for the postdated bread.

Through the hashtag #NakumattShame, the lobby group demanded a response from the supermarket chain in vain.

Users on Twitter shared their good and bad experiences at Nakumatt, making the hashtag a top trend throughout the day.