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City bouncer on the run after clobbering daughter

A nightclub bouncer is on the run for the fourth day after assaulting his six year old daughter for eating slowly and failing to read.

Joseph Omwoma, 27 was last seen by his neighbors in Githurai 44 estate on Saturday evening.

The man had been living with his daughter, Sarah Otolo for a year after separating with his wife. He habitually assaulted his daughter during their stay together.

“He had accused his alcoholic wife of neglecting the girl and said he would live with his daughter till he gets another wife,” said Joyce, the girl’s aunt.

She added that although she often housed the girl when her father went to his night job in the city, she never noticed the marks inflicted on her.

According to Fridah Ndinda, a neighbour, she was alerted of the abusive father by her son who used to play with Baby Sarah.

“My son came to me on Thursday last week and told me Sarah had been beaten up by his dad and was very sick,” said Fridah.

Fridah alerted a relative about the beatings. This was after Baby Sarah had not been seen outside for days. 

Joyce Kusa, an aunt, found Sarah with a swollen eye. Upon questioning, the girl said her father had beaten her the previous night.

“I consulted Fridah who runs a salon nearby and we took the girl to the salon as we sought help,” explained Joyce.

The girl’s mother came around and picked her up at the salon, saying that she would take her to the hospital.

“It was later on Saturday when I met Sarah walking with another aunt with now both eyes swollen and decided to take her and seek for help,” said Joyce.

Fractured skull

Fridah took the girl to Dr Dennis Mugo who runs Prestige Heath Care in Githurai.

“When she came, I observed the injuries and suspected that there were fractures in the skull because there was puss under her scalp,” said Dr Mugo.

Dr Mugo said he reported the matter at Kasarani police station so that the father could not later claim the daughter had been abducted.

“I gave her some pain killers and antibiotics and later did an x-ray that revealed that the skull had been fractured on the left side,” said Dr Mugo.

According to the doctor, the fracture may have been caused by a blunt object or being thrown on the wall.

He says a CT scan will be done to reveal the gravity of the injuries and determine the next course of action.

For now Sarah is scared of going back to her father or mother and says she wants to either stay in the hospital or go to her aunt’s house.

Meanwhile the Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko on Tuesday wrote to the Inspector General to trace and apprehend father of the six year old.

Mr Tobiko called for investigations into the matter and the suspect to be brought to justice once evidence is compiled.

He further recommended that the mother of the girl be investigated for child neglect as he noted she had tried to obstruct the neighbor who was taking the child to hospital.