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City businessman demands gun back

A Nairobi businessman has expressed fear for his life after his firearm licence was revoked by the government.

Mr Bryan Yongo said the decision by the chief licensing officer at the Central Firearms Bureau (CFB) to withdraw his firearm licence has exposed his life to danger.

He said parliamentary committees before which he testified earlier had recommended that he be issued with a licence to possess a gun.

“In addition, the businesses I am engaged in, including running a security company, requires that I have a firearm for my own protection,” Mr Yongo.


He was making submissions before Mr Justice George Odunga from whom he is seeking orders quashing the decision to revoke his firearm licence and a further order stopping a case against him at the Kibera Law Courts in Nairobi.

He has sued CFB’s chief licensing officer, the directors of criminal investigations and public prosecutions and the Kibera Chief Magistrate’s court.

On Monday, Mr Yongo said that despite having obtained a court order on July 15, 2014 stopping the revocation and confiscation of his firearm licence and certificate, until his application was heard, the CFB went ahead to revoke it in a letter dated August 11.

“They proceeded to charge me at the Kibera Law Courts with being found in possession of a pistol without a firearm certificate,” said Mr Yongo.

The decision to revoke his firearm certificate constitutes a contravention of his right and freedom of enjoyment of property which is safeguarded under the Constitution, he argued.


“My rights to be licensed to hold a firearm are constitutional and are necessary for my personal security as well as the security of my family members,” the businessman said.

He added that he has held the firearm since July 26, 2012 and has always complied with all the conditions required of him under the Firearms Act.

Lawyers representing the respondents however requested for more time to counter the arguments.

Mr Justice Odunga directed them to file their court papers within 15 days. The case will be heard on January 15, 2015.