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‘Notorious’ Nairobi cop caught on tape receiving bribe – VIDEO

A police officer attached to Industrial Area Police Station has been exposed online for demanding for bribes from motorists.

The officer, who was recognised on the tape by dozens of other motorists, had allegedly confiscated a motorist’s laptop until he parted with a bribe.

The motorist was arrested along Lunga Lunga Road and on arrival at the station his work laptop was impounded forcing him to bribe the officer.

The officer was caught on tape receiving the money and even offering his full day escort services at Sh10,000 just to ensure the motorist is not arrested again.

In the video recording that starts at the police canteen, the motorist withdraws Sh3,000 from an M-Pesa shop.

As he pockets his phone after the transaction he starts the recording that proceeds to show the police officer seated at a table with a covered plate of food receiving the money.


The officer says, “We leta pesa bwana,” and proceeds to count the cash while asking, “Na hii gari sasa tutafanya aje?”

The motorist tells him he will not drive it around again and that he intends to park it at an undisclosed location.

He asks the officer if he can escort him to the parking location so as to be sure that he doesn’t drive around with it but the officer says that is only possible if he pays Sh10,000.

The motorist then asks what will happen if another officer arrests him and he is told, “Mwambie umetoka hapa.”

After the transaction the motorist explains how his old model vehicle had worn out tires and it was impounded and his laptop confiscated.

He concludes by saying, “I know it’s and offense to bribe but I had to withdraw the money ndio aachilie gari na laptop. This is Kenya my friend, so corrupt, the system is rotten to the core.”

Kenyans online who commented on the video narrated their experiences with the same officer whom they claim they identified from the video.

One wrote, “Same same police arrested me when my Tiida was just two days old from Mombasa, hope justice will be served he walks around with no force number.”

Another added, “He arrested me at the Enterprise road and Likoni junction. Ati there is no through way and there were no clear signs indicating it… stupid cop indeed.”

Another commented, “This old cop should just drop dead. He once arrested me ‘changing lane’ at that DT Dobie rounda yet his fellow corrupt colleague directed me to do it so as to open the clogged traffic there. Needless to say, I missed an important delivery hapo at Impala Glass on a Friday and the deadline too. Late delivery with penalties on Monday. 2k bribe. ?”

Another added, “This is the same guy who arrested me claiming that I had worn off tyres and he took me to the same canteen and he took the car keys and asked me to give him 2k I had no choice so gave him the money.”