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City cops rescue 9 children after raiding human trafficking den in Kayole

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations on Monday rescued nine children in Kayole suspected to be victims of human trafficking.

The nine children are aged between 12 years and 17 years.

Three suspects, 41-yr-old Said Hamisi, 52-yr-old Maimuna Bakari and 80-yr-old Sophia Wanjiru were arrested during the raid.

The raid followed the disappearance of a 17- year- old student from Soweto slums.

As detectives searched for the student, they came across a house in the area where more children were being held.

Investigators believe the children were waiting to be trafficked.

All the suspects are in police custody as investigations continue.

According to a 2018 US State department report, Kenya does not meet the minimum standards for eliminating human trafficking. The country has also been mapped as a source, destination, and transit for trafficking.

In most cases, victims are children and young adults. They are usually subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking.

The United Nations recently said 71 percent of victims globally are women and girls. Three out of four of these females are sexually exploited.