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City couple arrested after assaulting security guard

There was drama at Ad Life Plaza in Nairobi’s Kilimani area after police were forced to arrest a couple for assaulting a security guard.

According to an eye witness, the couple started causing a commotion inside a supermarket. The man and the woman appeared intoxicated.

“I think the couple were coming from a club and they passed by Chandarana supermarket, to buy a sauce and they broke one of the bottles but they paid for it but somehow it seems the woman who was with the man was not happy at how they were asked to pay for the damaged item. The confrontation started from there,” journalist Saddique Shaban who recorded the incident with his phone said.

According to Shaban the man started shouting profanities at the supermarket staff and security guards

“In the middle of all this back and forth confrontation at some point they (couple) started to physically assault a security guard. The man was saying that he was superior and there was nothing the guards could do to him. Things escalated and he was ejected out of the building as you can see in the video I took. Outside the man started daring the security guards for a fight,” Shaban said.

The woman at some point gets into the fight. Police later arrived and arrested the couple.

“Quick police action saved the couple from further wrath of the public. The intoxicated duo were taken away by plainclothes officers who assaulted me in the process of filming this and confiscated my identity card shortly after the last frame,” Shaban said.