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City driver still seeking justice after traffic cop wins ‘testicles crushing’ case

A matatu driver who claims his testicles were crushed by a traffic cop in 2013 is still seeking justice, even after the policeman was acquitted by a court last week.

Mr Ernest Nyamoti still does not understand how Mr Jamal Hussein was let free by the courts.

He had told the court that he was driving on Garden City Road, off Thika road on July 29, 2013, when he was confronted by seven traffic police officers.

There was a heavy traffic on the road and the officers accused him of overlapping. The officers, he added, entered his vehicle and one of them slapped him in the face.

He said the officer pulled him out of the vehicle, kicked him on his private parts and hurled him into a police vehicle.

“I really don’t understand what happened even after medical records showed what I’m going through. I am still interested in pursuing the matter until I get justice,” said Mr Nyamoti after the not guilty verdict.

He wondered what more evidence the court needed to find the traffic officer guilty and penalize him.

He claims to have spent more than Sh1.4 million to get treatment and is now unable of fathering a child.

The driver said that Mr Hussein first slapped him, before dragging him out of the vehicle he was driving through the window and kicking him on his testicles.

The case dragged in court since June 2013.