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Family weeps in city court after father confesses to secretly selling land

A family wept openly in a Makadara court on Thursday after their father confessed to secretly selling off their eight acres of land.

An emotional Mr Stanilus Mule Nganda begged his wife, his sons and daughters to forgive him and accept him back in the family.

However, his request for forgiveness was immediately rejected by his wife Ms Cecilia Mule and children who urged the court to lock him up for exposing them to the risk of landlessness.



The man, who hails from Kisau area in Mbooni, was before the court for allegedly collaborating with suspected criminals who have been charged with robbing a motor vehicle.

According to court documents, Mr Nganda agreed to bond one of the suspects by depositing the title deed of his land. The suspects had promised to pay him over Sh2 million for doing them the favor.

The suspects however jumped the bond after they were released, leading to his arrest.

On Thursday, he confessed before the court how he had travelled to Nairobi on the pretext that he was to attend a training programme on the use of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). He had even asked his family to send him Sh5,000 to facilitate his attendance.


Unknown to the family, he had travelled to the city to seal the deal with the suspects.

The wife told chief Magistrate H.M Nyaga that she is no longer interested in her 67 year-old husband and requested that he be jailed for deceiving the family.

The wife, Ms Mule, told the court how at the time she had no reason to doubt her husband’s sincerity  and that she hoped he will return home after attending the training programme.

Nonetheless, to her surprise, she came to learn that her husband had agreed to sell their land to people unknown to her.

“I do not need this husband any more, he should be locked in jail because he has lied to me and my children for many years,” said Ms Mule

The couple’s eldest son, Mr Benedict Kioko, told the court that their father had been living a lie and never cared for them.


“Our dad had a lot of money but he squandered it all over and he now wants us to lose our family land too,” said Ms Felista Mwelu, a daughter in-law.

The family is at risk of losing their entire piece of land if the suspected criminals bonded by their father are not found and presented before the court.

The court ordered that photos of the run-away suspects be advertised in a national newspaper to save the family from incurring the loss.

The case will be mentioned on February 20.