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CITY GIRL: 40-year-old men who stalk college girls on Facebook, shame on you!

By CITY GIRL August 7th, 2015 2 min read

Shame on you, you potbellied, middle-aged man with greying hair and a receding hairline spending valuable time on Facebook.

Have you no shame, you 40-something-year-old man, spending office hours scrolling through your Facebook timeline like a 17-year-old boy?

You are over 40-something years old, married and have three or four children in upper primary school, yet you spend an hour or so every day on Facebook!

You are a shame to mankind and your man card should be revoked. Shame on those 40-year-old men I see in the office, whose office computers are perpetually on Facebook chatting up saucy minxes only a few years older than their daughters.

But what is a 40-year-old man doing on Facebook? I will tell you.

They are befriending 18-year-old college bimbos and chatting with them late into the night, beseeching them to send nude photos.

You should see these wazees drooling all over PYTs (pretty young things) on Facebook, liking every photo and religiously commenting on every bimbo’s status update.


We all know that ka40-year-old mzee who is ever tagging young women on Facebook and asking to be tagged on their photos.

A 40-year-old man, who is supposed to be working hard to fend for his stay-at-home wife, is busy in the office shifting between Facebook and WhatsApp, coordinating the bimbos he plans to take out during the weekend.

Have you no shame, stalking a 19-year-old girl on Facebook, a young girl who lives with her parents?

I am seated in a restaurant and I see a man flanked by his wife and children shamelessly scrolling through his phones — on Facebook — “liking” every comment and photo posted by a college girl.

Time that he is supposed to spend feeding his two-year-old child crying for his attention is spent scrolling through Facebook, looking for the next bimbo to lay.

What has become of these 40-year-olds, a generation of losers who eat, live and sleep Facebook?


But the true hallmark of a 40-year-old loser, is updating his Facebook status at least once a day. What are you? An idle house help?

I know quite a number of these men —  most of them colleagues and friends — who update their Facebook status at least once a day. These are losers and failing family men. Don’t blame me, blame Facebook.

Listen, you 40-year-old men. Facebook is not meant for you. Jesus! I don’t even know why we are having this conversation.

Facebook is for teenagers, high school children, college goers and youngsters who have nothing to do; who want to mingle and arrange dates.

Facebook is not for grown men with jobs to do, families to fend for and children to raise.

Facebook, you 40-something-year- old ignoramus, is not a dating site, neither is it a brothel where you pick up lusty PYTs!

Leave Facebook to your teenage son and spend that valuable time on your family! Oh, shame on you, again!