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CITY GIRL: DJ Mo has a flawed view of marriage and should apologise for his remarks

By NJOKI CHEGE September 15th, 2017 3 min read

Sammy Muraya, otherwise known as DJ Mo, is just the man. He set the Internet ablaze last week when, in an interview with an online magazine, he revealed how he took his wife — then girlfriend — through tests to determine her loyalty before eventually saying “I do”.

The tests were to determine if she was worth the very important title and high-achievement of being the one and only Mrs Muraya!

The deejay listed five tests that the young woman had to pass to trounce hundreds of other hopefuls.


One of the tests, ladies and gentlemen, involved him pretending to be a poor man, living “somewhere funny” in Githurai 44. He wanted to see if Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, would love him, Githurai 44 and all.

“She used to have a Toyota Celica, had a driver and when she visited, she would wear a hood and ruka mtaro (jump over a trench),” DJ Mo said.

In another test, the unsuspecting Size 8 walked into a dirty house, unbeknown to her that Mr Muraya wanted to see if she would risk her superbly manicured nails to clean up after him.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Muraya is happy to report that she washed the dishes, cleaned the house and there was not a single dirty corner in the Githurai 44 house.

There you have it. How else could a woman prove her love for you if she doesn’t clean after you?


I took a particular interest in one of his quotes: “She understood me. Most girls weren’t real with me and some worshipped me because of my name. They didn’t understand the real me.”

Worship who?

There is nothing as pitiful as a self-important man like DJ Mo who thinks so highly of himself that he can make such brash assertions that some girls “worshipped” him because of his name.

Wait a minute? Who in the world do you think you are, DJ Mo? And why are you allowing fame to get into your head?

DJ Mo should know that at the mention of the name Sammy Muraya most Kenyans will first think of the late Benga maestro, not him.

In my view, an uppity and condescending attitude is exactly what a ‘gospel’ DJ should not have. Such hubris, ludicrous overstatements, a flawed sense of self-importance and an inflated ego are the perfect recipe for a downfall, ‘gospel’ DJ or not.


You need to bring yourself to the realisation that the screaming girls are not worshipping you. They could just be ecstatic about the music. Remember that all you do is mix and match the songs.

As a gospel DJ, Mo should know by now that there is only one name to be worshipped and it is not his.

DJ Mo’s poor and misplaced advice to young men that they should take their women through ‘tests’ before rewarding them with a walk down the aisle is the reason we are having a lot of desperate women longing for marriage and even more stuck in loveless marriages, just to be referred to as Mrs so and so.

DJ Mo is an embarrassment to the gospel industry for his demeaning and disrespectful portrayal of his wife. By showing us that he manipulated her into a marriage, he is basically telling us that she is a gullible and naïve woman.


Furthermore, DJ Mo’s flawed view of marriage is very clear. He believes that a wife is only good for cooking and and cleaning after her husband. In this age?

The deejay needs to shed off this celebrity lifestyle and be humble. But first, he must apologise to his wife for embarrassing her and making her come across as desperate for marriage.

If you ask me, Size 8 is not the lucky one here, DJ Mo is. Indeed, he should consider himself very lucky for bagging such a beautiful and talented woman.

Be blessed, ‘gospel’ DJ.