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CITY GIRL: Netting that rich man is as easy as these five steps

By CITY GIRL September 11th, 2015 4 min read

Young women think that it is wise to marry a man at their level; a man with whom they will work hard together, build an empire and grow old.

That is the stupidest thing a young woman can ever do because when you are both in your 40s with a little money to spare, that man will replace you with a younger, hotter version of yourself.

And he will use that money you earned together on that pretty young thing that is 20 years younger than you.
Sad but true.

Which is why I am begging young women to aim higher. Don’t date a man at your level. Surely, your parents raised you better than to date a kaguy with a kasalo of Sh120,000.

Being at the prime of your youth, your sole priority, besides growing your career, should be to look for a rich husband who will take care of you and your children. I have a few tips on how to land him.

1. Look the part.  A great personality is good but nobody dates and marries a great personality. You have probably heard that men are visual. That’s damn right.

Forget what those old, irrelevant feminists say about objectifying women. Men love to date and marry good looking women and you have no choice. Notice this is the first tip I am giving. And it is not for nothing.

Men look at your appearance first because that is how they are wired — to ogle at your sizeable derriere, stare at your breasts and be awed by your long legs and tiny waist.

They also love modest make-up, good hair and above all, women who smell great. As you save your money for the future, invest in a pair of good high heels. I believe if you are going to soar great heights you might as well do it in style; in a pair of scarlet red stilettos.

Wealthy men have no time for women with saggy, untoned bodies with chunks of flesh hanging out of their dresses.

So tone up. Sweat it out in the gym. Run often. Firm up that behind. Competition is rife and you have to look the part.

2. Read. Fewer things turn on a man than a splendid combination of beauty and brains. Yes, it is possible to be beautiful and brainy. Rich men are generally exposed. Well, there are those stupid rich men who cannot speak a word in English, but those are not the kind city girls should aim for.

You want a suave and sophisticated man with great taste and selection. Rich and wealthy men want to date and marry women like them: smart, witty, charming and intelligent. He didn’t get there by being stupid and you won’t get into his life by being stupid.

Rich men want it all, a bombshell with the body of a swimsuit model and a woman who will impress him with her intelligence. And what a rich man wants, a rich man gets.

This is why you cannot afford to be pretty and stupid, because that is pretty stupid. So be smart. Read voraciously. Go to school for that MBA. Replace Keeping Up With the Kardashians with Aljazeera or Sky News. You don’t want him to be discussing the refugee crisis in Europe and you talking about Kim and Kanye.

Dating a rich man will require you to accompany him to functions and cocktails, where you will meet his equally sophisticated friends.

You must be able to sustain a conversation not with just him, but also with his friends. So you have no choice but to be well-read.

3. Stay away from social media. Your 27-year-old boyfriend might be impressed by your 5,000 followers on Instagram, but rich men are not impressed by such trivial things. A huge following on social media only tells that you are popular and that hardly impresses a man worth a billion or two.

If you want to keep your rich man, limit your social media use. Nothing turns off a wealthy man than a woman who is ever on social media, posting every move she makes.

You don’t want to be on a date at Dusit2 and you keep glancing at your iPhone 6 for notifications of who liked or commented on your Instagram photo.

If you are the type to post a photo of every hotel you visit on Instagram, I advise you to drop out of this race. The kind of rich man I would wish for you is not the type that advertises his life on social media, but the quiet, discreet and modest type who doesn’t need the approval of minion Instagram followers.

In a world where every young woman is a social media addict, one who does not care much for social media is considered a great catch by gentlemen of chivalry.

You want to be that rare, unputdownable bombshell that knows she is hot but doesn’t need Instagram to prove it!

4. Get a life. You are a 20-something-year-old saucy minx with a killer derriere, an MBA, a great career and a good life going on for her. Which rich man wouldn’t want such a combination?Your crowing jewel should be that you have a life of your own.

You want a rich man but you don’t need one. Get the drift? You have a life of your own; your own circle of friends; you run and cycle on Saturdays at Karura forest, so if he would like to fly you to Nanyuki, it will have to be in the afternoon after your 15km run.

You go to church on Sunday mornings, so if he wants lunch at Kempinski, he will have to wait.

You are running a marathon this weekend, so if he had plans for Watamu and Malindi, he will have to join you and Malindi can come later.

Show him that you have to squeeze him into your busy schedule and you are not the type that sits at home watching her nails dry.

If he wants you to be in his life, you have to show him that he has to be part of yours too.

5. Leave bad manners to ratchets. Rich men are not turned on by your feral downing of tequila and Jägerbombs into the wee hours. Shisha is for loose women, tequila for ratchets and cheap beers  for call-girls.

Rich men are hardly turned on by women who drink themselves silly and behave like animals. This is high society.

Your 29-year-old boyfriend might be happy to get you drunk but the rich man I want you to date is on another level.

He needs his woman sober and well-behaved. He has no time for your shisha and tequila shots.He is more inclined to quiet nights for a conversation over a cocktail.

So tone down on the alcohol and, for God’s sake, don’t smoke!