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Dear readers, this is why I had to change

By NJOKI CHEGE January 5th, 2019 3 min read

You would think after an entire year of thinking about this particular column and allowing it to stew in my mind that it would be easy to write. But here I am, struggling to find the right words.

So I will approach this like I approach any task, I start simple.

This column is for my readers, fans, foes, critics and friends. It is perhaps the most open and honest I have ever been in my nearly five years of being a columnist, so pay attention.

As some of you might have already realised, I have gradually changed the tone of my column from a tough-talking, abrasive City Girl to a significantly mellowed columnist — now kinder with a shade of empathy.

Readers have written expressing how they miss the old City Girl. I have news for you, the old City Girl is not coming back. She served her time well, ruffled enough feathers and took the criticism with the stoicism of a monk, and now I am not afraid to tell my readers — yes, I have changed.


05I was aghast because I realised this is the society we live in. We attempt to trace the decisions and choices of a woman to a man’s influence, more so, a non-existent individual in my case.

If Njoki Chege is changing from a fiery City Girl to a much more relaxed columnist, it is because Njoki Chege wants to. I am not yet at the point in my life where I make career decisions at the convenience of an individual.

This has by no means been a “sudden” change. To reduce my change into something “sudden” is to do a great injustice to the intricate process of change, the process of becoming and the process of growing up.

Growth and change rarely happen overnight. They are a culmination of little, seemingly insignificant moments in life, building up into a life-changing decision like this one. My transition took three years of a deeply personal journey of reflection and meditation to arrive at this decision.


More importantly, it has been informed by the path in which I now clearly see for myself in the near future.

My future path has never been clearer to me than it is today. I am profoundly persuaded that I am headed to a new level. This is why I am changing and rebranding City Girl.

I am changing my messaging so that it is consistent with the future I see for myself. I know taking this decision could possibly have disappointed many, but I am not one to peg my decisions on the convenience of others.

I hope my readers understand that change is the essence of life. That to avoid change is to die a painful death inside. That sometimes we must leave the warmth of our nests, spread our wings and soar to see what the future holds.

I will not promise to write authoritatively on all issues, but be sure that I will refrain from writing about the blue cars and other “pink topics”.

My prayer is that my readers will welcome my change not because they like me, but because they personally appreciate the value of change in their own lives as I have seen it in mine. A new level requires a new me. This is the new me.

I hope my readers change and grow with me. Happy New Year, 2019.

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Readers bonus: For the past couple of years, I have been drumming into my readers that I am not on Facebook. I had to write about this severally because of the many fake Facebook accounts purporting to be me.

In fact, I had nearly completely written off the idea of ever returning to Facebook. However, in a complete change of mind, I finally caved in and dear readers, I am happy to confirm that I finally joined the platform at the behest of a friend who pointed out that the easiest way to fight fake Facebook accounts going by my name is to actually join Facebook and declare them null and void.

So far, I am loving the idea of reconnecting with friends and fans and I wish I had done this sooner!