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CITY GIRL: Yes she has a ‘sponsor’, so what?

I have been keenly following this ‘sponsor’ debate on Twitter. You are asking who a sponsor is?

A sponsor is an older, married and moneyed man who funds a lavish lifestyle of a PYT (Pretty Young Thing). He is an older man in a clear-cut arrangement with a PYT. A  trade-off, if you like. A padded lifestyle in exchange for her warm company on several occasions.

A simple and straightforward arrangement that works very well for both parties.

Which is why I don’t understand what this hullaballoo about sponsors is all about, especially from young men who suddenly think that they are better than all of us and have taken the role of the moral police.

So you know this girl who has a sponsor. She is driving a flashy car and wines and dines at Kempinski and Caramel. She holidays with her sponsor in Dubai and shops in the UK.

Because she is a woman with a man of means, her taste is not yours. You cannot afford to date her let alone buy her a meal. You cannot even afford to take her to the salon. What gives you the right to open your mouth?

Let’s be honest here. Kept women are living the life that all of us want. They are living in plush neighbourhoods that we desire and are driving cars that you – a young broke man – can only dream of.

And because of the influence of her sponsor, her career is probably on a higher trajectory than yours and chances are she is going to be your boss in the next two years.


That kind of a woman, if you ask me, knows what she wants and goes for it. It doesn’t matter how she got it, but the fact remains, she got it. And you, what do you have, an Instagram account and a blue car you bought on loan (if you are lucky)?

No wonder you are so bitter. What is your problem if she outsmarted and outwitted you? Why are you poking your nose where it does not belong?

She has a sponsor. So what? Is that the end of the world? Is that sponsor your father or your relative? And why does it bother you so much, and knowing you, you probably would have done the same given the chance?

Who has given you the moral authority to rebuke young kept women? Who are you in the first place? Father Abraham? What do you have to show that warrants you a seat at the table of men? What achievement do you have to show before you can yap all over social media?

So she is trading her time, her company (and other things) for a padded lifestyle. If that is the way she chose to live, then so be it. Let her be. Let her do what she has to do to get what she has to get. That man is not buying that car with a gun put onto his head. That sponsor is not being forced to pay for those holidays.

I think those young men who insult and make fun of kept women on Twitter and Instagram are just jealous and broke losers who have nothing important going on for them in life.

If you had anything to your name, you’d shut up and let people live their lives. And if you were smart, you would probably just shut up and go back to work instead of wasting your data bundles insulting young, aggressive women who know what they want.

You are just jealous that you cannot afford to buy dinner for your cheap girlfriend at Kempinski or take her for a holiday in Dubai.


You are just jealous that she is driving a better car than yours, and your ego cannot allow you to just accept that you are broke and that you need to work harder in life.

The only thing you can do for now is just spew hate and talk about things that do not concern you.

And how is it your problem if a generous man in his late 40s or early 50s decides to engages a PYT? Is he spending your money? What is wrong with a man buying his woman a car? And what is evil about a woman accepting gifts from a man?

You young, lazy men on Twitter and Instagram need to grow up and stop being hypocrites.

We know you are also moving around with older women for money. We know you’d give more for much less, so get off your high horse and at least buy a piece of land before we can talk.

I am willing to bet my entire year’s salary that these young riffraffs yapping about kept women will also be sponsors in a few years.

In 20 years, when you will be a frustrated and ugly potbellied middle-aged man, you will also be a sponsor. You will find a 24-year-old PYT and become her sponsor. You will buy her a Vitz and pay her rent. You will fork out money for heels and dresses. You will pay for expensive dinners and holidays.

For now,  shut up, sit down and work to make money.