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Security guards: No more rungus, we want guns

Security guards have called for a review of laws on firearms to allow them use guns explaining that they have increasingly become targets of armed criminals.

The Kenya National Private Security Workers’ Union (KNPSW) officials on Tuesday decried the increasing number of attacks against private security guards.

“The country is grappling with terrorism and armed robberies which put the lives of private guards at risk. You cannot stop an armed robber with a rungu. This has exposed us to more danger than even armed soldiers in Somalia,” said secretary general Isaac Andabwa.

The official advised that guards should be trained on how to use and handle the guns.


“If guards could have been armed, the number of casualties could have been minimized in Westgate Mall terrorist attack in 2013 and Garrisa University attack last year. Security guards were the first to lose their lives,” he told journalists.

He asked MPs to support the Private Security Industry Regulation Bill 2010 saying arming private guards will complement the work of police officers in reducing crime.

According to him, many lives would have been saved during the Westgate Mall and Garissa University College terrorist attack, had security guards manning the premises been armed.

He explained that at least 50 private guards are killed and others sustain injuries monthly in armed robberies.

To him, with proper training on how to use and handle firearms, the security of the country will improve thus creating conducive environment for businesses to thrive.