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Alarm over high population in Pipeline Estate

The Nairobi County government has raised concern at the high population in Pipeline Estate.

City Hall says the population in the estate can not be properly served by the available public amenities.

Pipeline Estate is favoured by many city residents because of its affordable rent. But it has no public primary and secondary school, according to City Hall.

“Pipeline (Estate) has close to 100,000 people without a public school. They (residents) are not the type that have money to take their children to private school,”said the County Executive in charge of Urban Planning and Lands Christopher Khaemba.

Mr Khaemba said that the Estate was developed without a plan and City Hall must now renew its plan for the area.

He said houses built in the estate are mostly owned by private investors and the county government will meet with stakeholders to decide which buildings will be brought down to pave way for the construction of a public school.

“Pipeline is mainly a private investment business. We have to sit down with the owners and discuss which buildings to bring down and build a public school,”said Mr Khaemba.

He said City Hall will also renew the plan for Eastlands to ensure that more public schools are built in the area. This will mostly be in old estates like Jerusalem, Uhuru, Harambee and Huruma.