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City Hall auditing beneficiaries of Kidero’s Sh200m bursaries

Nairobi County Government has started an audit of over 600 beneficiaries of former Governor Evans Kidero’s bursaries.

City Hall is suspecting fraud in the criteria used Kidero’s regime to award sh200 milion to over 600 students in the bursaries.

Education executive Muthoni Ouko told Nairobi News that parents and students will have to wait longer for the verification to be completed.

“No one has cancelled any bursaries, neither are we revoking any scholarship given by the former governor. The county is just undertaking an audit because we found out that those who benefited were not all poor and needy,” said Ms Ouko.


Ms Ouko alleged that some of the beneficiaries are children of City Hall’s staff members and cronies of the former regime who acquired the bursaries through corruption.

She added that the 600 students on record are not visible on the ground, raising the possibility that some of the funds end up in people’s pockets.

“We are also looking for the 600 students who have been receiving these cheques because on the ground we do not see them,”said Ms Ouko.

City Hall has also launched an ambitious programme of sponsoring 1,000 students through high school every year.

The exercise will include 612 students – three top KCPE exam candidates from Nairobi’s 204 public primary schools.  The rest will be needy students.


She added that unlike the past government, they have come up with a framework to ensure that children from slums study in their dream schools.

Ms Ouko said that priority will be on orphans and children from single-parent families. Students from rehabilitation centres and children’s homes will also be considered.

“Any attempt by head teachers or education officials to sell or deny needy students forms because of bribes will not be taken lightly as we will not condone corruption at the expense of the poor,” said Ms Ouko.

Nasa MCAs have however raised queries on the reviewing of beneficiaries of Kidero’s bursaries citing discrimination of a certain community.

Led by the minority chief whip Peter Imwatok, he said that the parents should not be victimized because of change of regime and City Hall should instead ensure that all the beneficiaries complete school.


“What will happen to the parents and the students who had their school fees covered for four years by the county government? We will not allow discrimination,” said Mr Imwatok.

Mr Imwatok has also vowed to lead city parents to a march on Monday to demand a complete implementation of free education from the national government.