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City Hall orders all clubs, churches to have noise meters

Nairobi County government has ordered all clubs and churches to be fitted with noise meters in a renewed clamp down on noise pollution in the city.

The campaign will target clubs and churches with noise that exceeds ‘acceptable levels’.

Over the weekend, at least 30 club owners were arrested in the city centre after their premises were found to have excessive noise.

County Environment Executive member Engineer Peter Kimori said on Tuesday that the campaign will next target clubs and churches in residential areas.

County Environment Executive member Engineer Peter Kimori. PHOTO | FILE
County Environment Executive member Engineer Peter Kimori. PHOTO | FILE

Engineer Kimori made the remarks during a round table meeting Nairobi business owners on Tuesday

“The churches in the city and residential places will have to buy their own noise dosimeters to detect on when they are making noise. We will be doing a crackdown,”said Engineer Kimori.

He said the fight against noise pollution in the city has been hampered by lack of facilities because City Hall only has two noise meters to monitor excessive noise.

He added that they have budgeted to purchase 15 more noise meters at a cost of sh10 million that will be distributed tosub counties.

“These machines are very expensive because we have to prove to the courts that those arrested did exceed the noise levels,”said Enginer Kimori.