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City Landlord now kicks Uchumi out of its headquarters

By GALGALLO FAYO October 19th, 2018 1 min read

Retail chain Uchumi Supermarkets’ troubles have deepened after it was evicted from its Nairobi Industrial Area headquarters over its failure to pay millions of shillings in rent arrears.

It has emerged that Uchumi’s top management has not accessed the premises since October 2 when the Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC), the building owner, locked them out.

The lockout has seen Uchumi file two different suits in court for orders forcing KNTC to grant the retailer’s employees access to the premises.

Uchumi claims that the decision to deny its managers access is against the October 2 court order that suspended all judgments, decrees, attachment of properties, or distress for rent against it.

“The continuing closure of the company’s headquarters is severely hampering our operations. Our servers remain inoperative, effectively preventing the business from tracking and effecting payments as and when they fall due or carrying out other administrative duties that are critical to the company as a going concern,” Uchumi says in its petition of October 16.

There is no indication of how much money Uchumi owes KNTC, which is yet to respond to the petition.