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City lawyer Donald Kipkorir wants wife batterer ‘beaten to a pulp’

Flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has triggered mixed reactions online after suggesting that members of the public should have meted mob justice on a wife batterer.

The lawyer was responding to the story of a man in Eldoret who beat his wife to a pulp for failing to cook for him.

The perpetrator, Naftali Luzuli, pounced on his wife and beat her up almost to death because she had not used the Sh500 he supposedly left for her to buy food.

Pictures of the women with a  swollen face have since gone viral eliciting mixed reactions from netizens including Mr Kipkorir.

“Naftali Luzuli Of Eldoret who beat his beautiful wife to look like a bloodied pig should not be taken to Court … His neighbors in his estate in Eldoret should be allowed to beat him to a pulp … You can’t disfigure someone because of Kshs. 500/= …. Tragedy of dating losers!” said Mr Kipkorir.

On Twitter, Richard Kamau was against the lawyer’s comment, arguing; “If we go that route Donald, we might be classified as a banana republic. Let him face the full force of the law. 20 years behind bars won’t be bad for him.”

Others were more sympathetic to the victim, suggesting other forms of punishment the man should have undergone before being arrested by the police.

@Alice Nyamombasa posted; “Chokee. Did he not go that route, he could have gone to the elder to solve the 500 sh manenos. I agree the villagers to descend on him.”

@Paul Machira Kiruma said; “I hope the lady has brothers and I hope they do what brothers should do to their sisters which is to protect them….this should be the last person that looser lays his hands on in this life.”

@Omoroh wrote; “This guy should be demolished nothing like the law should apply here. Bibi si mpira.”

@Dennis Sila commented; “Guys this is going too far. If women won’t stand up for women in abusive relationships then we need to do something. Why did the neighbours let him visit the police station walking? He should’ve been beaten by men.”

@Fridah J said; “This is animal act,5 soo ni kidogo to disfigure a beautiful lady,that guy should have been given his dose.”

@WaNduta said, “Good idea! I will happily join in disciplining this cheap apology of a man.”

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