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City man narrates ugly encounter with rogue cops in CBD

A man has narrated his ordeal in the hands of rogue cops in the city center who  only released after he parted with a Sh4,000 bribe.

Mr Joe Muburi told Nairobi News that he was walking on Latema Road after he had parked his car near River Road when he was accosted by four men.

“They were four in number and were so harsh on me in a way that has affected me up to now,” he said.

The four told him that he was being arrested for a number of offences, including drug trafficking.

Mr Muburi said he was handcuffed even as doubted whether the four were genuine police officers. He eventually asked them to identify themselves, whereupon two produced Identity Cards that had police logos. The other two did not.


“After seeing the IDs, I obliged and they put the handcuffs on both of my wrists. They then started handling me in a very intimidating manner saying that they suspect I am a drug peddler around River Road,” he said.

The four men kept making rounds with him within the city centre as they pressured him to part with money so that they could release him.

The officers kept on discussing amongst themselves whether they should take him to Central Police Station or hand him over to City County askaris.

Mr Muburi’s requests to be allowed to make a phone call were met with threats that he will be slapped with “all manner of charges.”

The blunt admission of adding trumped up charges rose his eyebrows. He started questioning  whether he was dealing with the genuine officers or criminals.

The four men then started taking him towards the Globe roundabout. He decided to part with the bribe and secure his freedom.


“For those who know the area, it is isolated and dark. I resisted but they were now starting to get agitated. I was adamant that I will not give a bribe but now I was beginning to feel completely unsafe,” Mr Muburi explained.

He returned to the scene of arrest and started asking security guards about the four officers.

“They informed me that they are Flying Squad officers stationed at Central Police. I was informed that they are a common sight around River Road, especially around the junctions between River Road, Accra Road, Latema Road and Luthuli Avenue. They operate at night,” he said.

He said that he can accurately identify three out of the four officers.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has asked Mr Muburi to make a formal complaint at its headquarters so that appropriate action is taken.

“We received your complaint and advise you to kindly make a formal complaint at DCI Headquarters for appropriate action to be taken. Meanwhile, be informed that we don’t have flying squad officers at Central police station,” a tweet by DCI directed to him read.