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City Market traders to stay longer as case moved

The high court has postponed a case filed by traders to stop Nairobi County Government from evicting then from the City Market.

This is after it emerged documents the county government filed in support of the eviction plan had typographical errors ‘which would ultimately cause confusion in the outcome of the case’.

Justice George Odunga allowed the government to correct the errors and ordered the parties to appear before him next month.

This is meant to give the government the benefit of doubt that they were not deliberately applying delay tactics, Justice Odunga said.

The traders moved to court to challenge plans to renovate the 79-year-old market which would see them forced out.

The county plans to spend Sh15 million on the facelift that would involve erection of a canopy. The tables would also be replaced with metallic stores with cold storage.

The market would also be repainted, steel grills set up to boost security and drainage improved.

The traders however obtained court orders barring county from renovating the market claiming it would be interfering with a national monument.