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City matatu owners dig in over parking in CBD

Matatu Owners Association has demanded that the Nairobi County Government allocate them parking space as a condition of their moving out of the central business district.

“We pay Sh63,000 per matatu annually as parking fee, and now the governor wants us to leave the city,” Matatu Owners Association (MOA) Chairman Simon Kimutai said.

“He should show us where he wants us to park.

“We need a holding area.”

In a meeting with the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) at Nairobi Railway Club, he accused the county government of disparaging the sector’s economic contribution.

MOA National coordinator Albert Karagacha said matatu owners will not allow the transport business in the CBD to be monopolised by a few companies.

He also spoke out against the planned Bus Rapid Transport System.

MOA member Adam Woche accused the police and some of his colleagues of causing traffic jams in order to collect kickbacks.