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City men ‘find new’ use for Rexona deodorant in bedrooms

Men in Nairobi have found a new use for a popular deodorant in the bedroom.

The Rexona deodorant, ordinarily used to reduce perspiration and prevent body odor, is now being used to curb premature ejaculation.

Seemingly, city men have been using the deodorant as a form of male genital desensitizer to achieve stallion performances in bedrooms and then gloat about it on Facebook.

Male genital desensitizers are mild anesthetic which are sprayed on the penis minutes before intercourse. They temporarily reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Manufacturers warn against overuse.


According to Nairobi men who claim to have used the new trick, they apply the deodorant on their genital five to 15 minutes before intercourse.

They reported a prolonged sexual activity compared to previous performances.

After each performance, users are advised to wipe their genitals with warm water and apply a fresh dose of the deodorant for another erection.

Curiously, the men throw caution to the wind on the effects the deodorant can have on their partners.

Nairobi News can not vouch on the efficacy and safety of the new trick.

Kenyans on Twitter  had mixed reactions to the ‘ Rexona therapy.