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City moms’ headache of replacing house helps as most abscond work

It is that time of the year when city moms have to replace their house helps who went to the village and are in no rush (or have no plans) of returning.

Termed as the house helps transfer season, December saw panic start to register in Facebook groups as mums hunt for replacements.

One mother wrote on December 24; “Nani mwingine ameambiwa na house girl harudi? Wooi jamani hii stress.”

Her post received comments from hundreds of women in similar situations, while others still wonder whether their house helps would come back in January.

A mother wrote; “Mine went 22nd should be back 2nd hopefully….naregret giving soo many days???.”

Some mothers narrated how year in year out they have to get replacements after the December holidays.

Some of the girls reportedly get married during the holidays while others get better opportunities.

“I was prepared for that…it always happens after xmas. Relax mum, you will get a better one. I’m also looking for another one to replace,” one city mum wrote.

“I called her to ask something I needed to know where it was in the kitchen., She didn’t answer, second call she blocked me? nikajijibu tu,” another stated.

“Mine gave me notice before going on 24th that she won’t come back ( anaolewa). You should see my poor hands!! Still searching.. Now only 4 days remaining,” a mum commented.

“Umeambiwa leo???nilizoea kutoka jana, natafuta replacement. Na vile last year nilicheka watu hapa?,” a mum wrote.

Some city mums however have success stories of house helps who have resumed work after Christmas.

A mum replied; “Wangu alirudi 27th! Weeh what a relief! God bless this kind soul. Nililetewa, ngwaci, maize, bananas, and peanuts!”

Another added; “Thank God wangu alifika jana, was so worried when she asked me to send her fare, I thought she wouldn’t come.”