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City motorist caught on tape wrestling traffic policeman – VIDEO

A video has surfaced online capturing the moment an enraged city motorist lost his cool and wrestled with a traffic policeman.

The sturdy motorist is captured in the footage entangled with a male traffic policeman at the Argwings Kodhek roundabout, near Silver Springs Hotel.

The cause of the dispute is not yet known.

The undated video was shot by a passenger in a bus that was at the scene of the melee.

It begins with the policeman emerging from the backseat of the motorist’s car and locking arms with the motorist, before the duo collapse on the tarmac road.

Efforts by a police inspector and a female traffic policewoman to separate them prove futile.

The combatants then rise to their feet and engage in a session of push and shove for 20 seconds, before they are eventually pulled apart by the two traffic officers.