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City motorists are freaking out for no reason over this ‘ghost’ photo

It is a picture that could embarrass Nigerian movie producers –or may be not.

Set at night, a picture doing rounds on social media shows what looks like a woman standing on a highway while donned in a white robe, clutching onto something.

Then the warning: “Guys, if you come across this, keep driving and don’t stop. It’s notorious at Mawe Mbili in Ruai and Small World… Highway robbers use her as a distressed lady and when you stop, they rob you.”

The ‘warning’ massage has been shared countless times on social media including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram, among others.

The assumption is that crafty robbers are using a scarecrow to purport to make motorists slow down to help the bystander.

But a reverse search on Google Image shows the picture was lifted from the sequel Haunted Mansion (Ghost Bride).

It was then photoshopped onto a road to create a narrative.

Some people, though have actually noted the anomaly.

This, has, however, not stopped people from panicking.

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