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City MP in nasty group chat with ‘homosexual’ constituent

A city MP is at it again. Nairobi News has obtained a nasty exchange between him and some of his constituents who live in South Africa on a WhatsApp group chat.

In the exchanges, the MP uses unprintable words while dismissing questions on the deplorable conditions of an estate in his constituency.

In the group chat, one Eric, who lives in South Africa, wondered for how long will the people in the estate suffer in the deplorable conditions.

The youthful MP didn’t like the question and told off Erick by calling him a “dog and a homosexual’ in Kiswahili.

“Leave me out of your stupid thinking. Nikome kabisa tafadhali,” the MP added.

A humbled Erick simply replied, “Now that’s not the way to engage.”

The MP continued with his rant towards Erick, mostly using unprintable words.

It is not the first time the MP has used foul language on his constituents on social media platforms. In September 2015, he was forced to apologize to his constituents for an “offensive” post while responding to a query from a resident.

A certain Mwana A Musyimi had posted a picture of a dilapidated water-logged road in his neighborhood. But the youthful first-time legislator rubbished the query with a casual comment.

“This is a county govt road you know who to ask,” he wrote and later added: “I thought I was not employed alone there is someone else you employed to forward your concern to the county govt…..I cannot forward both to national govt and county……..I stand to be corrected my boss.”