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City mum narrates her battle with depression after birth of triplets

Rebecca Musyoki was 26 years old and a HR intern when she found out that she was pregnant.

She was terrified of letting her parents down. Then the worst happened – the man she was dating went quiet on her. At one point, she even got suicidal.

The first time Rebecca heard two heartbeats on her first prenatal scan, she broke down in tears. They were a confirmation that she was carrying not one but two children.

While this would ordinarily have been great news, she was 26 and a human resources intern. She was still living with her parents. How was she going to raise two children?

Up until this point, Rebecca’s life had gone according to plan. She had done well in high school, taken a diploma in law and then another in human resource.

She was also in a relationship with a man she had met at church. None of this, however, prepared her for the task at hand.

“I remember the day my life changed. It had been a normal day at work until I bought food and lunch. From the taste, I thought the food was stale and made a lot of noise.

It was my friend who suggested that I take the pregnancy test which altered the course of my life,” she recalls.

Finding out that she was pregnant was terrifying. She was terrified of letting her parents down. But you can only hide a pregnancy for so long. When she was three months pregnant, she decided it was time.

“I decided to do it at breakfast. I just came on out and told my mother I was pregnant,” she recalls.

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Source: Daily Nation