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Horror for city mum as reckless motorist hits her car and almost runs her over – VIDEO

Kenyans on Twitter have launched an unofficial manhunt for a motorist who hit a woman’s car and almost ran her over as she confronted him.

Ifesa Ali was driving on Thursday at 8:20am when the motorist hit her car prompting her to pull over in an effort to assess the damage.

But the fleeing motorist, who was driving a blue Suzuki (registration number KCR 129C), almost ran her over as he fled the scene.

In a video shared by the woman, shows her literally standing in front of the vehicle, but the driver accelerates and she is forced to give way.

The post has since been shared over 500 times with users urging anyone with information to share it with the traffic police.

The city mum, who was driving with her daughter when the incident occurred, reported the matter to the police and went for a checkup in the hospital with her traumatized daughter.

The daughter was reportedly screaming in the car as her mother confronted the motorist as he sped away and has since refused to get into her mother’s car again.

Ifesa is now appealing to members of the public to help in tracking down the owner of the vehicle which is still registered under the car dealer’s name on the National Transport and Safety Authority’s (NTSA) portal.