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City mums ponder why their men get sudden hard-ons

By MWENDE KASUJJA December 21st, 2017 2 min read

Nairobi women in a popular Facebook group have been racking their brains on a somewhat important  matter: How come their men get sudden, unexplainable hard-ons?

The matter was discussed extensively in the Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums Facebook group, with members giving varied explanation on why men get erections every time they see their lovers.

The debate was ignited after a devastated mum posed: “Hi mamis, is it normal for your guy to keep erecting any second ako around you. Mine amezidi.”

Hundreds of women shared experiences as they tried to help a sister out.

One wrote; “Simply means the kind of effect you have on him is superb.”

Another added; “He loves you for real, I do experience the same. Angekua hakupendi walai ata ufanye nini unless afikirie dem anaye mpenda ndio iamke so you’re lucky gal enjoy to fullest.”

Another mum wrote; “Wenye Wanasema ati ‘it means he loves you’ mbona siwaelewi!? Sexual attraction/reaction has nothing to do with love. Just because u turn him on does not necessarily mean he loves u.”


But most were still insisting on the sexual attraction angle.

“It means you’re hot ?? but usimzoeshe Sana…You’ll have problems later when you move to different towns…Atakuja weekly ask me I know…Hadi nachoka…And the first thing ni long hugs kiss and sex…Then we can talk about what brought him back so soon.”

One mum concluded with a simple explanation; “There is a thin line between pervertism and attraction.”

Some members got cheeky with one commenting; “That’s very weird…. Could you please inbox me his number? Who does that? Naomba namba nimwulize shida yake iko wapi ndo nimsaidie.”

Another needed tips; “Hahahaa…tell him to tell me the secret. I want my man to apply it.”

Another wrote; “Give me his number, I will prescribe medication. Meanwhile he loves you.”

A member tossed the query to an issue of the wallet; “I suspect he’s broke and idle. Busy men don’t have the energy to erect all the time.”

According to a research ‘Sex Differences in Response to Visual Sexual Stimuli’ published in the United States, “sexual arousal, or the response to visual sexual stimuli, as an emergent product of the combined cognitive and peripheral physiological states of an individual.”