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Nairobi nanny caught on camera assaulting child

A house help in Nairobi was on Wednesday caught on camera abusing a defenseless child days after a video of a similar incident in Uganda went viral sparking outrage.

In the video, a lady is seen harshly moving the roughly three-year-old child out of a sofa and pushes while ordering the child: “Toa hizo nguo haraka!” (undress quickly).

The child then mumbles amid sobs, “Nimeskia” (alright). The house help then slaps the child saying and tells the child to hurry up.

She then gives the child a beating with one of the clothes the child has removed. Timestamp on the one minute and 38 seconds-long footage shows the video was recorded at 12:28pm on Wednesday, November 27.

The video was circulated widely on Facebook after it was first uploaded by a user who said the mother of the child had shared it via Whatsapp.

This comes days after a Ugandan nanny was caught on a camera brutally assaulting a one-year-old girl. The Uganda house help and was arrested and arraigned in court. People have condemned the latest act.