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City police boss stands by Eastleigh killer police officer

Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome on Saturday justified the killing of an unarmed man in Eastleigh in broad daylight.

A bullish Mr Koome said that the man, seen in a video that went viral writhing in pain as a plainclothes police officer pumps multiple bullets into his body, had killed a police officer on Friday.

“I buried a corporal from Kayole yesterday. The same gangsters shot dead another officer yesterday. Tell all gangsters out there that when they kill an officer, I am ruthless and they will get it from me. And you can quote me on that,” Mr Koome said.

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority on Saturday said it had started investigations “and if there is culpability, ensure those responsible face the full force of the law.”


Mr Koome was later quoted in other media as saying that the viral video was acted, with Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet taking a more diplomatic tone.

“The law is very clear. And do not push me to contradict the law (support the killing). I have said my position is clear that an investigation will be done,” Mr Boinnet said.

Mr Boinnet confirmed that the two had, indeed, been accused of killing a police officer but refused to comment on why his junior had contradicted him on their fate.

On Saturday, Kenyans on social media supported Mr Koome, saying that the gang had terrorised residents.

But the Law Society of Kenya called for a probe.


Law society president Isaac Okero warned that the continued wave of extra-judicial killings was a threat to the rule of law.

He called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the police officers shown in the video.

“An an inquiry should establish how police officers are able to carry out murders of unarmed Kenyan civilians in broad daylight with impunity,” said Mr Okero in a statement.

In the chilling one-minute clip shot from a balcony, a man is seen confronted by three men, two of them holding pistols.

A few metres from him is another man lying down, seemingly dead, in a pool of blood.

One of the armed men in a red shirt is holding the man by his shirt with his left hand and a pistol in the other. The man appears to be pleading for his life.

Twenty seconds into the clip, a uniformed administration police officer walks by, pushing the huge crowd back.

The officer in red waves his gun and pulls the man away from the milling crowd.


He opens fire. Twice. The person shooting the video shakes from the bullet sound, but returns to the scene and shows the man down, bleeding.

The officer in the red shirt is then seen stepping on him, as another man, believed to be an officer, walks to him and hands him another pistol.

He then steps harder on him, pumps in several bullets into the young man, now writhing in pain.

But he is not done yet. He moves around him, before dealing his last blow: A bullet to the back of the young man’s head.

The two slain men according to comments on social media, are well-known armed robbers who have been terrorising Eastleigh.

The men were linked to the dreaded Gaza gang.

“The scene is chilling and a frightening reminder that there are elements of the security forces who murder Kenyan citizens without hesitation and in violation of all laws. Even if they were criminal suspects, whatever the nature of their alleged offences or criminal activities, those young men were entitled to due process under rights guaranteed by the Constitution,” Mr Okero said of the video.

“Is the Cabinet secretary for Internal Security prepared now to admit that extra-judicial executions by the Kenya police is a threat to the rule of law?” he added.