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City police officer arrested for attempted murder of his colleague

A police officer based at Kamukunji Police Station is in custody for trying to shoot his colleague over a traffic violation.

Constable Abel Musati was arrested after he assaulted and shot at a traffic officer who had arrested his driver and commandeered his motor vehicle to Pangani Police Station for driving without a TLB licence.

In a statement, police said the traffic officer, while performing his duties along General Waruinge road, was confronted by the said officer who had been called by his driver and a scuffle ensured.


While on their way to the police station near Kariokor roundabout, the suspect who was armed with an AK 47, intercepted the vehicle and ordered the officer out saying that his motor vehicle will not be detained.

The officer tried to plead with the suspect to have the matter solved at the station, but he would hear none of it.

He proceeded to pull the traffic officer out of the vehicle and ordered the driver to drive off.


As the traffic officer was walking away, the suspect fired at him once but missed.

The suspect was later arrested and he will be arraigned in court and charged with attempted murder, aiding a prisoner to escape and permitting a motor vehicle to be driven without a TLB licence.

Police are still trying to trace the white Toyota Hiace registration number KAU 282M and the driver.