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City residents angry at hours lost in recent traffic jams

The traffic snarl ups experienced on major roads on Wednesday and Thursday has left residents angry at hours wasted while commuting in the city.

City residents took to social media to share their experiences in what they say is becoming a trend during the festive season.

Mwende Kitoni confessed to spending two hours on Mombasa Road Thursday morning while heading to work.

“We have been stuck at Bellevue for two hours, with no movement. It has become a daily trend and we do not understand what is happening since there are traffic police manning the roads,” says Mwende.

Here are some reactions.

@AngelaKatusia said; “Why can’t we just use traffic lights in Nairobi, why do traffic have to decide when we moving, they receive a personal call and they forget about you. Why do we invest in things we don’t use?@MikeSonko”

@DukeMosea asked; “What happened in Nairobi off late, lots of traffic with no reason @Mosea this town should be improved.”

@AderaJacob tweeted; “It is unfortunate that by this time traffic in Nairobi is still locked via.”

@janetNgugi wrote; “I’m convinced that the traffic we’ve been experiencing in Nairobi of late can be avoided. These cops don’t know how to control traffic. They forget the roads they have their backs to…thinking they’re walls. We’ve zimad cars on Bunyala Rd.”

@Nimu commented; “I swear there’s traffic in Nairobi at all times, wherever you go.”

@JRuuri said; “Ngara traffic Jam is Chaotic.”

@peterOgada advised; “msongamano mkubwa katika barabara kuu ya Jogo na lile la Lusaka.”

@MelvinOmondi wrote; “Nyayo Stadium, towards Bunyala roundabout, is held up from end to end.”