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City has started having free traffic flows – Sonko

By COLLINS OMULO September 26th, 2017 1 min read

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Monday said the city had begun experiencing free flow of traffic.

Mr Sonko said there was little congestion in several areas because matatu operators were no longer double parking, overlapping and dropping or picking up passengers at undesignated areas.

“Finally, matatu operators have heeded the order to be organised in the CBD. This is what is known as self-regulation ya (of) matatu sector. At the Globe Roundabout around 7am, traffic was flowing smoothly. Keep it up matatu operators,” Mr Sonko said on his Facebook page.


Last week, the governor suspended a plan to bar matatus from the city centre for a month “to allow the industry to self-regulate as the two parties look for a permanent solution to the traffic problem”.

He added that the devolved unit would deploy 300 marshals to ensure free flow of traffic.

The county boss went on to urge the more than 30,000 operators to adhere to the agreement they struck with city authorities.


But even as the governor was highlighting the gains, Mr Halpesh Patel, a resident, asked him to take action on drivers who flouted the law.

“Can you fix problems at the Westlands bus terminal? You walked there the other day but still nothing has changed. The turn into town is a mess. Matatus just use pedestrian walkways and overlap, causing more delays,” he said.