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City students ready for term

A spot check showed that students reported to secondary schools in Nairobi as the teachers’ strike entered the second day.

At State House Girls, parents were on Tuesday seen driving their children to school on opening day. Some parents could be seen lining up at the bursar’s office to pay fees.

The school has a total of 62 teachers, eight of them being board of management employees. Teachers employed by schools usually chip in when those hired by the Teachers Service Commission boycott work.

An employee who is not authorised to speak to journalists said: “We cannot turn away the students because teachers are on strike. They can study on their own,” she said.

At St George’s Secondary School, the deputy principal said teachers are reporting to work but remaining in the staff room or returning home.

“The students reported before the strike started. We will consult on whether they will be sent home or not,” said a senior teacher.

At Loreto Convent Valley Road, students were being taught. Names for the prefect on duty and teacher on duty for the week were pinned on the notice board.