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City taxi driver arrested over missing woman

February 2nd, 2019 2 min read

Police on Saturday arrested a taxi driver in connection of the disappearance of a woman he was to take hospital.

Mildred Odira, who works as a switchboard operator at the Nation Media Group seconded by Foresight company, was last seen on Tuesday at 4am by security guards in Kariobangi South where she lives.

According to the guards, they had called a taxi to take her to Ruaraka’s Uhai Neema Hospital after she fell ill that night, but she never made it to the hospital.

Speaking to Nairobi News, her sister Maureen Anyango said police suspect the taxi driver knows where the missing woman is but he is refusing to cooperate.


On Friday when the taxi operator was questioned, he told the family that he drove and left Mildred at the Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital.

But according to the hospital’s records which Nairobi News has seen, the driver signed in at the hospital’s gates at 4:30am and signed out at 5:57am, 1 hour 27 minutes, which contradicted the 20-minute duration he had given to her family.

Nairobi News has now learned that the driver only spent one minute in the hospital’s compound.

CCTV footage shows the driver entering and immediately exiting without dropping anyone.

At the Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital, administrators told Nairobi News that they had no record of Mildred being admitted at their facility.

The mother of one has been missing since Tuesday morning and has been ailing according to her sister.

“My sister was recently diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension and ulcers and I was with her on Sunday when I went to cook for her and her son,” a teary Anyango said.

She added that they had last spoke on Monday afternoon after Mildred had left a local hospital where she had gone for tests.


According to her co-workers, Ms Odira was last seen at the office at Nation Centre on Thursday and that she had taken Friday off to seek treatment.

But since her blood pressure was too high, she was told to go back to the hospital on Monday for more tests.

Her sister says that they found out that she was not home after her son went to her house where they live in Kariobangi South on Tuesday morning, leaving her wondering why he was not in school.

“We saw her son come to our house in the morning and we asked him why he had not gone to school, he then informed us that her mother had left very early in the morning and that is when we started inquiring about her whereabouts,” she added.

Ms Anyango, who is her elder sister, adds that they tried to reach her but her phone was off.

“We then went to her house and we were informed by the security guards that they had called a taxi driver to take her to the hospital,” she said.

Family members told Nairobi News that the hospital told them that they have no record of their kin registered under that name at the hospital.

The incident was reported at Kasarani police station were the taxi operator is being held as they help with investigations.