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City trying to ban family outings, say bar owners

Bar owners have accused the county Government of trying to ban family outings through its Alcoholic Drinks Control and Licensing Bill.

Pubs, Entertainment and Restaurants Association of Kenya (Perak) said the proposed law would lead to the loss of business and jobs.

It states that any proprietor who admits a person under the age of 18 in premises where alcohol is manufactured, stored or consumed commits an offence.

Perak most outlets provided decent family eating  with moderate alcohol consumption.

It wants them to be allowed to admit children who are accompanied by adults.

In his submission to the County Assembly, Perak  chairman Patrick Muya said that despite having secluded family rooms and children sections, the Bill would makes their establishments no-go zones.

Family treats

Hundreds of establishments in the city had specialised in offering weekend family treats as some adults took alcohol, said Mr Muya. Nyama choma joints that also offered alcohol would be particularly hit and may be forced to cut stop selling alcohol to retain the family clientele or simply bar children which would also lead to reduced sales.

Mr Muya also took issue with the provision that all alcohol outlets should be at least 300 metres from  learning institutions terming it as defeatist.

“The premises could be 290  or even 400 metres, but if it’s not in the public interest, it should not be licensed. The method of determining distance will itself raise arguments. Is it distance to the school fence or classroom? Is it distance from the bar counter or perimeter wall of the bar?” he asked.

Perak also wants a distinction made between the time when the sale of alcohol should stop and closing time.