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City tycoon Mbaru rubbishes Sonko’s freebies

Business magnate Jimnah Mbaru has launched a thinly-veiled attack on Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko for his free rescue services.

Mr Mbaru took to Twitter where he openly opined: “Why do Nairobi people love free things so much?”

Although he did not mention the flamboyant senator, some people assumed he was referring to Sonko’s rescue team.

Elvin Shijenje responded: “@JimnahMbaru Boils down to poor leadership and societal norms the TKK culture, no effort maximum yield Some are a lazy bunch due to handouts.”


Another user, @JohnyMathenge said, “@JimnahMbaru Its the political ideological mentality system, of giving us free things in exchange of our voice (vote) to get them out.”

Sonko has unveiled a free rescue team comprising of ambulances and hearses and four Land Rover (Discovery) security patrol cars.

Those holding weddings will also get free limousines with a fleet comprising of three H2 Hummers, four Mercedes Benzes (New S Class Model) and Sonko’s personal bling-plated Land Cruiser.

He has also said he’d soon unveil a rescue centre.