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Handcart pulling widow’s three-year-old daughter enrolled in school

A child who was pictured perched at the back of her mother’s handcart in Nairobi’s CBD has been enrolled at a city school.

Her mother, Hellen Nyongesa melted hearts online after being pictured pulling a banana-filled handcart.

She received a boost after well-wishers offered to buy her a tuk tuk to peddle the bananas in.

The well-wishers also offered to enroll her toddler in school and ensure she does not endanger her life anymore in her mother’s hand cart.

This after a good Samaritan, Aaltonen Jumba, mobilised friends and traced Hellen to discuss how they could make her life better.


City widow pictured pulling handcart gets boost – PHOTOS

“She expressed her wish to continue selling bananas but have a safer and less stressful mode like the tuk tuk. We are in the process of acquiring one for her but since schools reopened in January we enrolled the girl at St Peter’s,” Mr Jumba told Nairobi News.

Hellen, a mother of three, will be receiving her tuk tuk from the well-wishers in a few weeks that will make it easier to do business.

Her three-year-old daughter will now start her education journey as opposed to having to hawk bananas with her.

Hellen lost her husband three years ago. She started working as a house help in Githurai estate before venturing in the fruits business.

Her two other children are upcountry with their grandmother and dropped out of school due to lack of uniforms and books, a matter that Mr Jumba and his friends are addressing as well.