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City woman in botched breast enlargement surgery had blogged about death – PHOTOS

When June Wanza Mulupi penned a blog on death two years ago, she had no idea how soon it would come visiting.

The mother of three died last week at Nairobi Hospital where she was rushed after developing complications from a breast enlargement surgery.

The surgery was done by a doctor at Surgeoderm Healthcare which is situated along Theta Lane in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.

In her blog, June pondered on whether there are people who are ever be ready to die.


June loved blogging about food and life. She penned the one on death in January 2016 titled, Make the most of your time on earth.

In the post, she described how her husband’s community treats the dead.

“Where he (husband) comes from, they treat corpses as if they still have life, that’s why they will carry it to the home of the deceased a few days before they bury the body, so they can ‘hang’ around it.”

She urged people to leave a legacy that will ensure they are not forgotten after death.


“How long it takes before your forgotten is solely dependent on the impact you made in this life… Ultimately in the end, may our families be better because we were a part of them. May our neighborhoods and schools be better because of our involvement. And may our world be left in a better condition for future generations because we were a part of this one. Question is: What mark are you leaving?” she posed.

According to an article carried  by The Star newspaper, June died on June 8, 2018 at the Nairobi Hospital where she was admitted after complications.

Doctors at the hospital reportedly found that the person who had performed her breast enlargement had cut her intestines.