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City woman disrupts Holy Family mass demanding for Chebukati’s repentance

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s (IEBC) Chairman Wafula Chebukati’s name has been on the lips of Kenyans for the past two weeks.

This is because he was in charge of the 9 August 2022 General Election in which the presidential election results were contested both by an aspirant and his own fellow IEBC Commissioners.

Azimio La Umoja-One Kenya Alliance’s Raila Odinga contested the declaration of United Democratic Alliance’s William Ruto as the president-elect and filed a petition at the Supreme Court of Kenya on Monday, August 22, 2022, after terming the results, “null and void.”

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As Kenyans prepare to follow the proceedings, one man, Gathenya, narrated on Twitter how he was a witness to a woman disrupting an early morning Mass at the Holy Family Basilica on Friday, August 19, 2022.

The woman was demanding that Chebukati repent “for making this country burn.”

“But being a Baba supporter is a calling. You invest a lot physically, emotionally, mentally, and, I guess, financially. Some Baba supporters out there are not ok, and they are not speaking it out.

I am seated at the front, it’s all fine and the priest is going about his thing then suddenly, I hear some noises from a lady on the pew in front of me,” said Gathenya in part.

He further added that the woman shouted Chebukati’s name as the church was being led in consecration prayers and followed this by a scream, “Chebukati repent” before the entire church turned to face her.

“I hoped the lady would calm down and I didn’t have to do anything. Nilijua sijui!

The lady continued screaming “Chebukatiiii you are making this country burn.” “Chebukatiii Repent”.

A gentleman dashed from a pew in front of her to try and contain her. The lady resists and decides to sit on the floor. Now the priest has stopped the mass.

Two other gentlemen join in and try to lift her to stand and escort her out,” Gathenya further narrated.

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The lady attempted to undress and it was at this point that several men, including Gathenya, ran to her, hoisted her and carried her out of the church.

She continued screaming, demanding for Chebukati’s repentance and cursing him. She was then handed over to the security team at the Church compound.

“I went back to the Church and couldn’t get back to my seat. For some strange reason, I felt like the drama was mine and didn’t want to face the congregation again. I stood at the back for the remaining part of the mass.

As soon as the priest was done with the final blessing, I didn’t wait for him to exit the altar area; I was out of the church.

I could not imagine guys stopping me outside the church to ask me what the drama was about. And of course, I did not follow up with the ‘soldiers’ what happened to the lady after we left her in their custody,” added Gathenya.

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He expressed remorse that he didn’t follow up on the lady and prayed that she would get help.

“For those in our midst who may have joined Baba’s camp recently and you are not accustomed to the kind of loss you are having to deal with, you are advised to seek professional help maumivu yakizidi (when the pain becomes unbearable).” Said Gathenya.

Chairman Chebukati is currently in the middle of handling his second presidential election petition during his tenure and this time, four of his seven Commissioners disowned the presidential election results saying the final phase of the verification and declaration of the same results were done in an opaque manner.

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